Most of y'all mean while know this Dutch diva from performing with her Austin Playboys or being a guestsinger with the Paladins. Annita started her career as one of the two galsingers from the Haystack Hi-tones. With this band she successfully toured all over Europe, played Hemsby twice and the group was the first Dutch band to play the famous "Viva Las Vegas" rockabilly festival in April 2000. After touring in the USA with the band, Annita stayed in Austin, TX for a while where she met the Horton Brothers. Sitting in with them on stage and recording a song for fun at Billy Horton's " Fort Horton Studios", she decided to make a solo record with these musicians. She flew back to Texas a few times to record half of her first and meanwhile very successfull album
"What Good'll It Do Me". Annita quit the Haystack Hi-tones at the end of 2000 to jump into her solo-career, which didn't take long to become a big success. With her Austin Playboys (indeed, from Austin-Texas) she often performed in the USA, toured around Europe and in July 2002 Annita & the Austin Playboys performed at the world's biggest festival: the rockabilly weekender in Greenbay, Wisconsin. They made a huge impression on the audience and in several reviews Annita was praised for her great voice and even called the best galsinger in the 50's scene these days.

The legendary Paladins from San Diego saw Annita perform in March 2001 in Austin for the first time and were very impressed by her powerfull voice and appearance. Dave Gonzales labels Annita as "the gal with Torque" and "the Young Wanda Jackson meets Little Loretta Lynn" . In 2001 and 2002 Annita was invited to join the Paladins for some European and USA tours, which were really successfull and proved that Annita is not only "big" in singing westernswing, jazz and country, but also tears the house down using her powerfull voice singing rockabilly and blues.

Due to a terrible car accident in November 2002, Annita got badly wounded and had to put her career on hold for more than a year. Finally  she's back on her feet again and these days she is backed up by her Dutch "Starbombers", better known as the Barnstompers, a band that's been playing the best westernswing for over 12 years now. Like the last 8 songs of Annita's cd "What Good'll It Do Me", which were recorded with these same guys, this new band has a honky-tonkin', (western)swinging, jazzy but rockin' sound.