Complete Track Listing:

- Bigelow 6-200
- I'm Going Hunting Tonight
- Fickle Heart
- This Should Go On Forever
- Friction Heat
- Hi Diddle Dee
- Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me
- Twice The Lovin' (In Half The Time)
- Hello Baby
- Loose Talk
- I've Stopped My Dreamin' About You
- I've Waiting Just For You
- 10:10 Am
- What Good'll It Do Me
- You Can't Have My Love
- Columbus Stockade Blues
- Mr. Misery
- Lovey Dovey
- The Honeymoon's Over

"What good'll it do me"

… you ask? Well my friends, it'll do you a whole mess of good to pick up this, the first long-player from Annita, one of Holland's greatest natural recources (that voice… those eyes… that smile!). Our "Haystack Hi-tones" gal has stepped out on her own -and believe me, she's really hitting stride on this one! Graced with the guest talents of some of the worlds finest musicians and vocalists (check out the credits!) and recorded in both the US and the Netherlands, this authentic 50's sounding record manages to capture the get-gone spirit of the honky tonks as well as the hi-heeled sounds of the city. "What good'll it do me"… you ask? Well my friend, the answer is in these 19 tracks. Buy this cd, dig the grooves, tell a friend….
and you'll see how much good it'll do y'all!

Big Sandy May 2002