Stageplan of different line-ups of the Boogiemen.
We always make sure that people concerned get them through the surface- or e-mail, but you'd be surprised how easy these things get lost :-) 
Downloadable in 3 formats: .DOC (Word2002), .PDF (AcrobatReader) or .GIF

●  Hillbilly Boogiemen (standard line-up) doc pdf gif
●  Hillbilly Boogiemen (line-up with fiddle) doc pdf gif
●  Blue Grass Boogiemen (5 pers - big festival) doc pdf gif
●  Grand Ole Country doc pdf gif


Poster by Hatch Show Print
We had this poster made by Hatch Show Print (Nashville, TN) for our first tour through the States. So yes, it's an all original. Completely in style of the way the same company made all those posters of our hillbilly heroes some 50 years ago.
It would be a shame if it wasn't used anymore, so if we're playing in your pub and you really got no ideas for a poster you could use this one. Personally, I wouldn't mind to see it out there again. I just love it.

(right-click and 'save target as'. 1.402Mb)

Verklaring Arbeidsrelatie
Better known as the VAR-form. Organizers in the Netherlands might need a copy of these forms to make sure thery're free of paying (income-) taxes for the Boogiemen. In case you need it, just download it and save it with the rest of your administration.
- VAR ALasseur.jpg
- VAR APSchroevers.jpg
- VAR BJvanStrien.jpg
- VAR RJKanis.jpg
- VAR achterkant.jpg