19-Oct-2010: (Okay, I forgot to update this page again a couple of times since 12/9/'08)
●  Contact A lot of changes, just go and see
●  Tourdates Just a couple
●  Home New Cd out; Chuck Mead cancelled
●  Audio / Merch addded new Cd and T-shirts, Sweats
●  Reviews Some first reviews of the new Cd

●  Contact Mobile phonenumber to reach us (Robert Jan moved to Tiel)
●  Tourdates Just a couple

●  Home Update of what's happening
●  Photos Gallery of Arnold's trip with the WIBGB

20-Nov-2007: (Again: I forgot to update this update page throughout 2007, but here's the latest)
●  Introduction Some minor changes and the line-up / bandmembers
●  Tourdates Updated every now and than

1-Jan-2007: (Forgot to update the updates in 2006, but a couple things did change ;-)
●  Home New story about what's happening & pics.
●  Audio Added some more mp3's
●  Video Did anybody notice the videos?
●  Tourdates Updated every now and than
●  Links Some sites we visit ourselves
●  Reviews Loads of nice words bout the Blue Grass Boogiemen cd, Dang!

●  Home New story about what's happening & pics.
●  Audio Major update: Added BGB-cd, PayPal and Mp3-files
●  Photos Two new galleries of Hillbilly Boogiemen 15-year anniversary

●  Home Added news about Jimmy Martin and a request to send him a card.
●  Contact Details about Blue Grass Boogiemen and Grand Ole Country

●  Home New story of what are plans are for the coming year. Picture of Rose Maddox with the Boogiemen, send to us by Lucian.

●  Tourdates Updated
●  Guestbook Links to sites of visitors open in new window now. BTW Thanks for your nice words so far. Grand!

●  Photos Reorganized Heroes & Friends and added some pictures.
Two new galleries. Both Hank Williams tributes, featuring guests. Thanks to Martijn, Leo & Joke, Suzanne and Korica for sending me pics!

●  Downloads This section is probably only interesting for organizers: Stageplans and a Poster to download

●  Tourdates  
●  Scrollbars Adjusted the colors of the scrollbars to match rest of the site. Works only with IE5.5+

●  Menu-structure Swapped everything around a bit. Adding & deleting items is a real hazzle, so I try to take into account the items that will be added in the future. As a result there's some empty menu-items like Video and Downloads
●  TopStat counter There's a little ugly button on the top right of the screen. Clicking on it shows the site's statistical details bout visitors and stuff.
●  Guestbook Took more time & effort than I expected. I didn't want to put up a commercial one with advertisement and my ISP doesn't allow custom CGI-scripts. Managed to adjust the script my ISP does offer so that at least it doesn't show the guests IP-details and so that messages appear in the right order (new additions on top)
●  Contact We've got a lot of different things happening at the moment. I tried to put all the contact-details you might want to know about the bands in there.
●  Photo-gallery Clicking on the thumbs in the Heroes and Friends sections opens the bigger picture with a Java-script now. Hope you like it too. I probably need to adjust some things for visitors that use a 800x600 resolution though.
●  Home Korica send us a modified pic through the mail. I think it's funny. Don't know where it was taken, but it's obviously cold judging by the way we're dressed. The Boogiemen round one microphone wearing bombers and all.


●  Overall graphic look (header, logo, menu, background, fonts)
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